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Professional case analysis 1



1. Add two slag bags at the position of the Yellow frame;


2. Add four exhaust slots (as shown in the red line above);


3. During commissioning, the injection speed is gradually increased from low;


4. When designing the mould, pay attention to the cooling of the product hot section (such as four ears);


5. Do not use spraying as the main means of mould cooling. Otherwise, the stress produced by continuous quenching is also one of the main reasons for premature cracking.


The development and application of die casting mould steel is one of the main businesses of STRONG TECHNOLOGY company. Combined with Centennial Daye Special Steel and relying on the company's strong strength of material heat treatment for 30 years, it provides customers with one-stop solutions for die casting mould steel such as high-end high-quality base metal, machining, heat treatment, coating, mould design and maintenance and failure analysis.

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