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STRONG steel:

H13 electroslag round bar (hot selling die casting mould steel)

SCH807H (hot selling die casting mould steel)

SCH807D (super cost-effective die casting mould steel)

SCH818D (high end die casting mould steel)

SCH811D (high quality die casting mould steel)


SCH807D (Daye Special Steel)

Similar foreign brands: H13, 1.2344, 8407, SKD61



·Excellent thermal stress fatigue resistance

·High temperature metal erosion resistance

·Strong crack resistance

·Good high temperature strength

·Excellent hardenability



mould casting, die casting, injection molding, hot stamping, hot extrusion (metal), hot forging.


STRONG mould new material business department integrates one-stop services of mould steel such as design, cutting, heat treatment, flaw detection, PVD coating and mould repair. Our company provides mould steel products with high yield, good wear resistance, high durability, stability and easy use. It is the preferred mould steel material for many pipe manufacturers and die-casting mould manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta, which has been unanimously recognized and trusted by users in use! The enterprise provides high-precision, sharp welded pipe and die-casting mould steel. Sincerely provide assured products and satisfactory services for the majority of welded pipe and die-casting mould users at home and abroad!